1. How long does it take to receive the items?

Answer: For in stock items they are usually arrive with UK customers within 1-2 working days with first class delivery and 4-7 working days with second class delivery. However this may subject to postal service. For EU customers it's usually delivered within 7 working days, and up to 10 working days to other world-wide destinations. (To see what styles are in stock, please browse the shoes by size or by heel height, you would see what styles are available in stock in your required size and heel height.)


2. Can I return the shoes if it does not fit.

Items can be returned or sent back for exchange for correct sizes. However, we do not bear the cost for return postage unless it's an error on our side. The return postage from UK normally cost £2.70-£3.70 depends on which service you use. This will be at your own cost. Please check our return policy HERE.


3. I have difficulty registering as a customer

If you had used your email address previously on our website, it won't allow you to register again using the same address. Please use a different email address or request to reset your password by clicking 'Forgot your password?' at sign in area. Alternatively you can place order without registration.

Please note the password must be longer than 5 characters. 


4. My credit card has been rejected when placing order

Unfortunately our system reject certain type of overseas credit cards especially American Express. If for any reason you cannot complete your payment, we will send you a Paypal invoice. You can then make payment with Paypal or credit/debit cards if you do not have a Paypal account.


5. I accidentally add duplicated items on the busket, how can I remove it?

There is a small 'Bin' icon on the right hand side of the order page. You can remove the duplicated item by clicking the 'Bin' icon.


6. What is the sole material for the shoes

All of our ballroom and latin dance shoes come with suede sole which are specially designed for dancing indoor. Please avoid walking in hard surface or wet floors when wearing the dance shoes.


7. How do I fasten the shoe buckle

All of our ballroom and latin shoes come with quick release buckle. To fasten the buckle please adjust the buckle to the right position at the strap, then just place the strap into the hook where it slides along until the buckle butts against the hook. Once the buckle is up against the hook it will stay securely in place while dancing due to the tension of your ankle inside. To remove the shoe, simply pull back on the spare end of the strap, sliding the buckle away from the hook and lift the strap up, out of the hook.


8. Does your shoes come smaller or larger than normal shoes?

Our shoes are made to standard UK size. They are not made to smaller or bigger than normal shoes. However please pay attention to the fitting of the shoes. Some shoes are made to normal fitting and some are wider fitting.You can find the fitting information at the 'Additional Information' on the product page.


9. How long do dance shoes last?

The dance shoes are more delicate than normal street shoes. How long it lasts depends on how often you wear it. If you wear it dance several times a week and wear the shoes frequently, you would need to replace your shoes every 2-3 months. If you are a beginner and only wear the shoes a couple of times a month, the shoes can last for over a year or more. We strongly recommond you have 2-3 pairs of shoes and wear them in turn so that the shoes are not worn out easily.


10. Do I have to pay any import duties?

UK and EU customers do not need to pay additional import duties for shoes purchased from our website. Customers outside EU countries may have to pay import duties for the shoe shipping to your country.


11. How do I redeem Coupon Code?

1.       Add items to basket

2.       Go to display basket

3.       Then enter coupon code in the coupon area, click ‘Redeem’ button.