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2015 'I Love Dance' Photo Competition

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Every year we held annual competition to reward our royal customers and encourage more people dance. This year the rule is slightly different. Everyone including new and old customers can join our competition to win a pair of FREE dance shoes.
How to enter:
1. Take a photo of you enjoy dancing
2. Send your photo (and your names) to with title 'I Love Dance'. You may include the story behind the photo or any other information you wish to share.
3. We will publish your photo on our facebook page. The photo that got most likes will be the winner.
4. Last entry for the competition is December 31st 2015. However please send your photo as early as possible to gain more likes. 
*We will announce the winner in the beginning of 2016. Therefore we will keep your email address on our database in order to inform you about the winner via newsletters.
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I enjoy salsa and nothing would persuade me to give it up

My love of salsa has sustained me through the realisation that although salsa is completely addictive it is also a very dangerous pastime. For my first ever 
salsa lesson my friend took me out into the garden and (with all of our friends watching) proceeded to teach me how to do a right turn, which would have been 
fine had we not become tangled in the washing line, needless to say our friends didn’t hurry to free us. Despite everybody’s expectations to the contrary I 
started going to salsa lessons regularly. 

My second brush with danger was in the following January when whilst dancing in Birmingham there was an amusing culmination of bad timing, a crowded dance floor 
and a woman spinning with one hand flailing free, I was accidently slapped across the face. And for the privilege of such an experience I then apologised 
several times to anyone who would listen. And yet I carried on dancing, (the mark faded after a minute and the other woman involved was just as apologetic as I 

The third dangerous event was the impromptu partial removal of my toe nail by a guy I was dancing with when we were doing a basic step and both accidently 
stepped forward at the same time. The pain was excruciating but what really worried me was taking my shoe off so that it didn’t get stained.  The reaction of 
the barman (running to the other side of the bar so that he didn’t have to look) gave me some indication that I should have been worrying about my foot rather 
than my dancing shoes, but to be fair my dancing shoes are very pretty. The first aid kit, although given to me with the disclaimer that the barman didn’t know 
how useful it would be, was filled with various accessories for keeping laptops clean rather than anything vaguely useful for injured human beings. It was not 
the ending to the salsa night I had envisaged. 

But despite all of this, the mishaps, the injuries and the pain, I still enjoy salsa and nothing would persuade me to give it up. Although I have started 
bringing my own first aid kit on nights out.' 

Yours sincerely

Sarah Thomas

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How dance change my life

When my marriage broke down earlier this year, I was at rock bottom.  I was five stone over weight,  unfit and very shy. I moved away to start my life again and had no friends near my new home. 
I was talking to a colleague at work who told me that he took modern jive lessons and suggested that I give it a whirl. It took me a few weeks to get up enough courage to even walk through the door!  I was so pleasantly surprised by how friendly and welcoming the other dancers were, and although I had never danced before I fell in love with it.
Six months on I have lost four stone,  dance four or five nights a week and have many wonderful new friends.  I look and feel better than I have for many years and have a new passion in my life ... dance.
Christine Adams


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Dance got me through the worst time of my life --Carrie Hunter

How dance  brought my life back.

In 2001 I fractured my upper arm (humerus bone). It wasn't funny at the time! It took 3 operations and 11 months  to mend it; one of those operations was a double bone graft (one graft from each hip). I then contracted MRSA in the left hip where they had taken bone from. I was rushed back into hospital for emergency surgery and the infection removed, along with most of the hip and thigh muscle. I was lucky to be alive, they said! I couldn't stand on my own for days; I couldn't walk on my own for weeks, and my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to dance again, but I couldn't imagine a life without dancing. I had been dancing at advanced level for years, dancing 4 or 5 nights a week, assisting with lessons, organising dance socials, and my life outside of work consisted of dancing.  The thought of never dancing again filled me with dread, and I was determined to dance again.
Only the thought of dancing kept me going, and I worked hard to get my strength back in my hip and thigh muscles.  My hard work and determination paid off, and 4 months later I was dancing again. OK; not dancing at the advanced level I had been, but dancing again and that was all that mattered to me.  Two years later I was almost back up to the advanced level I was dancing at before the operations, and now, I am back up there. I can twist, turn and manoeuvre around the dance floor as if nothing had happened. Dance was my love, my passion, my goal, my inspiration; and dance got me through the worst time of my life. 
Carrie Hunter
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Rhythm Dance Shoes makes me happy! -- Cristina Smith

Wearing Rhythm Dance Shoes makes you feel alive! :)  Once I have my dance shoes on I am ready for a wonderful evening of spins & twirls, feeling like Ginger Rogers! :)  At no other times do I wear my rhythm dance shoes, other than for DANCING, so they are very special to me, the colours, feel and ease at which I can dance in them.  And I look after them so well, they are placed away at the end of the evening just as carefully as I found them and excitedly put them on with anticipation for the evening ahead! :)  My lovely Rhythm Dance Shoes are kept beautiful until the next time I put them on for another beautiful evening of the dreamy world of dancing! - I love dancing & I love my Rhythm Dance Shoes! ♥



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2014 Win FREE Dance Shoes Competition


Would you like to win FREE dance shoes?

We have now opened 2014 'WIN FREE DANCE SHOES' competition. How to enter: 

1) Either write a story about dance (This can be a story about how you fell in love with dance; how dance changes your life; how it changes other people's life, or anything that related to dance that you feel there is a story to tell); 

2) Or take a photo of you wearing our products
3) Email either the story or your photo to with 'WIN FREE DANCE SHOES' in the subject. 


Deadline: 31st December 2014 
The winner will have chance to win a pair of free dance shoes of her/his choice. We will announce the winner after New Year. 


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Rhythm Dance Shoes Valentine Gift Voucher

Get a pair of dance shoes for your partner who love dancing. 20% off Valentine discount till 14th Feb. 2014


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Greek whey in bars and cookies Help you Build A Great Dancer's Body

Feta Bar & Protein Cookie: Greek whey in bars and cookies!


The Feta Bar and the Protein Cookie stand for the two commercial versions of a highly nutritional, Greek product, the whey cake.

The whey cake is a 100% Greek patent developed by researchers of the Biochemist’s and Biotechnology Department of the University of Thessaly.


“This bio functional food is made of the remains of Feta cheese production mixed with goat and sheep milk, a mix which is usually used for the production of myzithra cheese (soft Greek cheese). So we took these proteins and developed a new product» according to Professor Dimitrios Kouretas, whose research group invented the whey cake. *

This product is a world novelty regarding its constituents. The combination of whey protein from Greek goat cheese and a mixture of polymerized and free sugars make it the ideal food for an overworked body. In blood circulation it creates the best conditions for the transfer of proteins and sugars inside the cell, controlling the sugar that becomes fat in the body.

In addition, in a study ** aiming to enhance sport performance by a biochemical aspect, without the use of any substances, athletes who consumed the whey cake for 15 days showed a highly increased antioxidant defense mechanism. This finding is very important because the endogenous antioxidant defense mechanism is very important and involved in the appearance of a series of pathologies, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, while for example regulates the organism’s immune response, the metabolism etc.

The Feta Bar comes in two flavors, chocolate bar with orange flavor and strawberry bar with a coat of white chocolate, while the Protein Cookie is a protein cookie with cocoa.

Each one of these products is comparable to a rich meal, and their most important nutritional characteristics are that they are rich in protein, low in salt and a very good source of fiber and natural sugars.

There was a strong, international interest for the Greek patent of the whey cake. Because of its high nutritional value, which increases physical performance and reduces muscle damage and muscle fatigue, this product was ordered by the special forces of USA. In addition, the idea of this original kind of food, was one of the 12 innovative ideas to get an award among 600 candidates by the program “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” of the European Commission.*

*According to an article published in the weekly newspaper “To Vima tis Kiriakis”, on the edition of February 24, 2013.

** The survey involved researchers from the Department of Physical Education and Sport as well as the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly, The Medical School of the University of Crete, the General Hospital of Karditsa, Doping Control Center and several cardiology clinics of Athens

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August Bank Holiday Sale Starting Now

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Best regards,

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Group Classes-By Teresa Rice


I taught ballroom dancing for many years, from the very young to the very old. The teaching hours were long, starting at 9am till almost 11pm, usually six days a week. Dancing is my passion, best exercise and stress relief.

I was a single mother raising a daughter on my own,l but the studio was flexable about bringing my daughter to work. My co-workers helped with "babysitting" while I taught my private lessons and group classes. I had so many wonderful students; the teaching was so rewarding.

My best memory was my supervisor approaching me about teaching a special group class for the next 16 weeks. The pay alone would help myself and my young daughter. When I showed up for the class, I found 20 special needs children, ages ranging from 6 to 13 years of age. I hade no idea how special this class was, as I felt they would never be able to follow directions on how to dance. I started to show them the dance patterns for the beginning foxtrot and found how well they absorbed the instruction. Sure, we had some students that had difficulty understanding the steps, which was always the case in my regular class.

By the end of the 16 weeks, I asked the students if they would like to come to our Friday dance, to show the other students what they have learned. With approval of their director, they all showed up at the next dance.

I was never more proud and humbled by all 20 of my students. They were so very proud, full of smiles and laughter as they partnered dance the Foxtrot around the studio floor, the other students clapping at their achievement. This became a ten year partnership with the special needs school. Thank you for allowing me to share my dance story.


Teresa Rice | 22/02/2013 14:35

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